What kind of software or other tools should we have available when JWST is launched in order to get the best science out of the telescope?

Sky flats. Non uniformities in the background will be very important to map for an open telescope. We should plan on routinely taking sky flats.

Object extraction. We need a new form of object extraction suitable for working with steep luminosity functions and including recovery simulations and handling of gravitational lensing from the foreground galaxies.

Coronography. It will be important to have coronographic tools.

Interferometry. There is an interferometer on JWST : the TFI NRM. we need to make tools for interferometric data more available, perhaps working together with NRAO.

Simulators. We need to make data simulators available to the community.

Data challenges. Could be a way to get the community familiar with JWST data. Perhaps early now but it should happen well before launch. This should include imaging and spectroscopic applications, including IFU-type data which currently lacks good tools.

Archives. We need tools for correlating data from different archives. Perhaps some form of PCA.