Welcome to the JWST Community Input Wiki

JWST Input is a wiki site dedicated to provide a forum for astronomical community members to provide feedback on the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), in particular how to best exploit JWST, how it should be best operated, and how to get the best science out of the telescope.

Members of the community can freely add to the wiki pages after becoming wikidot registered users (at no cost). Basic information about JWST can be found at: STScI JWST pages or wikidot pages on JWST

We initially thought about setting up wiki pages for this purpose during the "Frontier Science Opportunities with JWST" conference held at STScI in Baltimore, MD in June 2011 http://www.stsci.edu/institute/conference/jwst2011 . JWST will be operational together with other facilities under development such as ALMA, LSST, and perhaps new generations of 25+m ground based telescopes. The virtual observatory will also progressively become more familiar to astronomers. Finally, JWST is a finite lifetime mission, with five years of required life and a ten years goal. Thus, we need to be effective soon after launch in order to get the best science out of the telescope. Our current ideas on telescope operations can be found on this page describing JWST operations . A high level overview of the JWST telescope can be found at http://www.stsci.edu/jwst/doc-archive/handbooks/JWST_Primer_v20.pdf . Prototype Exposure Time Calculators based on requirements are also available as well as other JWST software tools.

During the conference we had a discussion session that focused on three topics:

1- What kind of tools - software or otherwise - will astronomers in 2020+ want ? wiki for JWST tools suggestions

2- What kind of science capabilities of JWST should be emphasized most? wiki for JWST additional science

3- What is the best way to exploit synergies with other telescopes? wiki for JWST synergies with other telescopes

Please provide feedback in the associated pages or in the page setup for other feedback different from the above : wiki for other suggestions on JWST . We also have a page to collect input on simulations wiki for JWST simulation suggestions. Finally, you can email us directly at ude.icsts|tupni_tswj#ude.icsts|tupni_tswj.

The feedback received during the Frontiers' conference has been already posted. Please feel free to edit what's posted to better reflect your thoughts.